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Merits of eyebrow threading

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Threading is a hair removal technique that has been used from ancient times. It was discovered in India and the Middle East, and it has gained popularity in the western countries over time. Blissful Brows & Lashes – Microblading LA has provided people with an alternative to waxing and plucking. The following are some of the benefits of threading besides improving the beauty routine;

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No Usage Of Chemicals

Individuals with sensitive skin can significantly benefit from threading because the technique does not require the usage of any chemicals. Harsh chemicals and ingredients that cause irritation to the skin are not used. The only tool that is needed to carry out the process is a cotton thread.


Many ways can be used to shape the eyebrows. However, threading stands out because it can shape the eyebrows with remarkable precision. Threading facilitates the removal of multiple hairs at the same time, and that gives it an upper hand as compared to methods like tweezing. Since the professional is using just the thread, nothing obstructs their vision, hence the accuracy in removing the hairs and giving the eyebrows a perfect shape.

Less pain

Threading may be painful at first, but it cannot be compared to other methods like tweezing and waxing. The procedure is less painful. This is because the thread does not touch the skin during the process of hair removal. Other methods may be painful because the skin around the eyebrows is sensitive and the processes involve pulling the hairs on the skin directly.

Long lasting

wearing makeupThe growth of hair depends on individuals and how fast it takes for their hair to grow back. However, when people thread, hair takes a longer time to grow back. For most people, it takes about two to five weeks for the hair to start growing. It is important to take into account that threading weakens hair follicles; hence, growth becomes less dense over time. Therefore, the more the eyebrows are threaded, the finer the hairs will grow and the less one will need to thread.


As seen above, threading does not require the use of chemicals or fancy oils. Therefore, it is one of the cheapest methods of hair removal. Not much effort is needed, so it is a quick procedure to perform. Instead of using a lot of money on procedures that take time and may cause irritations on the skin, threading is a better option.…