Advantages of buying physical gold


Buying physical gold and storing is still a good investment venture although many people do not realize it. When buying physical gold, all you need is to identify a certified dealer like hartford gold group and buy your gold bars or coins. You will be surprised how a few gold coins can store so much wealth for you and your generations to come. Buying gold in physical form provides you with an evidence of your wealth as opposed to other forms of investment. All you have to do is to make sure that you store the gold in a safe place.

Reasons to buy gold

Anonymous wealth storage

Owning physical gold is one of the few ways to store your wealth anonymously. With other investment like stock, it will always be easy to determine how much you are worth by looking at your different investments. If you are looking for a way to store your wealth off the books, then the physical gold investment is the way to go. You will always store the gold in your safe at home or in whatever place and no one will be able to determine how much your investment is worth.

Safe from currency uncertainties

The financial market is very unstable, and there are times when a certain currency is likely to become very unstable. At such a time, you need an option that will guarantee you security for your wealth. Keeping in mind that gold is accepted in all parts of the world, it is a good way to protect yourself from uncertainties in local currency. You can always keep a certain percentage of your wealth in the form of physical gold for the rainy days.

No worries about insurer risk

Investments like the stock are likely to have some level of risk that is considered as the insurer risk. The insurer risk means that you in case something happens like a financial crisis, then you are likely to lose your investment. Owning physical gold protects you from this kind of risk and even if financial institutions bankrupt your investment will remain secure.


Ready market

With physical gold at hand, you can always be sure that there is a way of liquidity and getting a cash equivalent. Gold is demand is high, and it is a rare metal, so there is always someone who is willing to buy it. As long as you have genuine gold, you will always find a potential buyer.…