Beginner’s Guide To The Best Backpacking Chairs

Helinox chair 2

If you love adventure and always on the go, then you probably understand the essential items on the checklist. One of the essential items is a backpacking chair. But a chair? Yes, a backpacking chair is unique and highly portable. Most beginners would not understand unless they try it. You can visit to select one before the next hiking trip. This article will highlight some important points regarding the chairs for a beginner.

A guide to the best backpacking chairs

What is a backpacking chair?

backpacking chairsBackpacking (Camping) chairs are light weight and high portable chairs which can easily be stuck on a backpack. They greatly enhance the experience particularly by the camp fire in the evening or when having a picnic lunch. While most people would brush off the idea of trying one, they are surprisingly light, portable yet very durable. If the thought of the convenience of using it doesn’t entice you to but one, then try for the sake of curiosity.

Features of the best backpacking chair

Light and portable – Most manufacturers have failed by making bulk adventure chairs. However, reputable companies consider this as what can make a difference between buying or leaving it.
Strong – Almost contradicting but not. Amazingly, some of the chairs offer very light options yet very strong even to accommodate the heavy people. This greatly depends on structure and material. The combination of the fabric part and metal frames must be strong.

Foldable – no one has to stare at your backpack for carrying an open chair. Most of them are folded and assembled within a minute or two.

Examples of the best camping chair

Helinox chairHelinox chair one – this chair has been rated top by most review website due to its light weight and strength at the same time. The canvas fabric is very strong for almost any weight. As much as it misses the cupholder and other luxuries, it will make your camping life way easier.

GCI E-seat – another option would be this seat which offers luxury seating with a pended polyester back and tripod frames. It also has a bottle holder. With 3lbs you can ask for more convenience.


Buying a camping chair needs some considerations. If you decide to buy online – which is the best anyway – consider some customer feedback or some demo videos on youtube. Consider the cost in relation to the value you expect. With this information, one rest assured to get the best deal.…